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wannabe1232's Journal

well my name is lauren and im nearly 15. I am 7st 13lbs and 5ft3 which gives me a BMI of about 19ish. i have a waist of 26 inches to my much disapointment. i worship the 2468 diet :) i idolise people such as nichole r and all of the many amazing models in my thinspiration book :). at school i am quite popular but since ive started getting more noticeable at school theres no one to talk to or push me to my lust of perfection!everyone starts haveing a go at me and telling me how stupid i am being but they dont understand!!!hopefully you girls will suport me and il suport you as were all going through the same thing and want the same thing :)

add me and leave comments and il most definatley talk back :)

lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx